Drawing on years of experience in the field, Special purpose machines and assembly lines construction form the backbone of our work at Si-Mut Teknik.

SPINTECH® is a registered trademark of Si-Mut Teknik.

Si-Mut Teknik was founded by Mr. Huseyin Boluk in 2006.
Machine and assembly lines including design are produced.To provide service to CNC machine tools, to supply CNC machine tools and auxiliary materials.
Since 2012, has been trying to fill this gap in the sector by focusing on the spindle repairs used in machine tools.
In 2013, it has launched and successfully completed the AR-GE project for the entire domestic spindle. Today, many spindles are used in the machines.

Si-Mut Teknik is a group company of Si-mut Teknik. "established in 1999"

With its strong R & D structure, it is also an ambitious position in the design of special machines and apparatus.
Si-Mut Teknik, always delivering on time and delivering quality in the services that it has received, has been following the projects of our customers in accordance with the production standards.
The powerful and advanced CNC machines park is another strong side of Si-Mut Teknik.

Our personalized approach ensures both experienced buyers and inexperienced buyers receive the highest quality end products they need.